> Time Zones <

Here is a map so everyone can tell what time to schedule their game. (and both teams show up same time)

Pacific Time (West Coast) - 1pm
Mountain Time (Rockies) - 2pm
Central Time (Mid-West) - 3pm
Eastern Time (East Coast) - 4pm

If you can't figure it out from this ^ table & the maps below.. go back to school you are an idiot.

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An update on Vortex development

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  • An update on Vortex development

    It&#39;s time for a Vortex development update&#33;
    <br />
    <br />Since our last news post back in May we have setup a focus group of around 30 individuals who have been given access to an early build alpha of Vortex using a rudimentary design and UX flow. Tannin has been working with these users, taking on their feedback and patching up bugs that have been found over the past couple of months. At this stage, the core functionality is all done and now it&#39;s a matter of rounding off any rough edges and patching up any holes the focus group can find.
    <br />
    <br />While Tannin has been working on the overall functionality of the application, our new UX/UI designer, Kit, who officially began her work at the beginning of October has been working on the overall look and feel. Kit&#39;s first task has been to work on the design of Vortex, drawing up wireframes and now mock-ups that eventually Tannin will implement into Vortex. The first of these mock-ups were offered to the focus group for consultation and feedback last week while Kit worked on the rest of the screens that Vortex needs.
    <br />
    <br />I&#39;ve been reliably informed that, today, Kit has run out of screens to mock up, so these final screens will be in the hands of the focus group by the end of today. We will give the focus group most of a week to provide their feedback on these mock ups. Following that, Kit will spend a few days implementing any necessary changes based on this feedback before they are handed over to Tannin as &#34;final&#34;.
    <br />
    <br />From there, Tannin will need to spend some time implementing the new design into the current build of Vortex, which is no small task. The focus group will be provided with these builds as and when they&#39;re ready for feedback. After that, it&#39;s all touching and shoring things up ready for an official public Alpha release.
    <br />
    <br />Tentatively, we&#39;re aiming for a January release date for the open Alpha of Vortex. Naturally, that&#39;s subject to change as with all development cycles, but we&#39;re quietly confident that we will hit that deadline.
    <br />
    <br />While I&#39;ve juggled with the idea of providing you all with mock up screens of Vortex to tide you over until then, I think without you being able to actually experience the user flow and experience the software fully, a lot of the context will be lost, which will ultimately mean any feedback you could provide would be superficial (and potentially, negative, without any context to back it up). As such, I think it would be better for all of us if we waited until it was actually possible for you to use it. Then the feedback you provide will be far more useful, and relevant, to us.
    <br />
    <br />Not long now&#33;