> Time Zones <

Here is a map so everyone can tell what time to schedule their game. (and both teams show up same time)

Pacific Time (West Coast) - 1pm
Mountain Time (Rockies) - 2pm
Central Time (Mid-West) - 3pm
Eastern Time (East Coast) - 4pm

If you can't figure it out from this ^ table & the maps below.. go back to school you are an idiot.

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Security update for Nexus Mod Manager

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  • Security update for Nexus Mod Manager

    Today we are releasing some security updates for the Nexus Mod Manager to bring us in line with the new EU GDPR rules coming into force next month.
    <br /><br />NMM has been "end-of-line" since 2016, which means we no longer provide any official support for the software, but we thought it was prudent to spend the time and money to release this update so our users could continue to use the software's online services while ensuring we're compliant with the new regulations. We also did not want people to think we were using the GDPR as an excuse to force people on to our new mod manager, Vortex, either. The alternative was to simply turn off the old services completely, essentially making NMM, and any other software using our old login services, offline only.
    <br /><br />To prevent any drama with this process, we've even patched up version 0.52.3 of NMM (the last version before the profile functionality was added) so there are no complaints.
    <br /><br />In order to be compliant, we need to turn off our old, less secure login to the web services completely. We plan to do this on Tuesday the 8th of May. This will mean anyone who does not update their NMM will no longer be able to use NMM online. This will prevent you from being able to login, check for new file versions or download mods from the site directly in to NMM. This will also affect any other software that uses the old login destination and method, for example, Mod Organizer. We do not officially support Mod Organizer, nor is it made, updated or maintained by us, so any updates needed to ensure it works with our new login service will need to be handled by the team behind Mod Organizer. If you are currently a coder with software making use of the old Nexus login system, please do get in contact via PM or Discord and I will put you through to the appropriate person to help you get on to the newer system as soon as possible.
    <br /><br />For convenience, both updated versions of NMM can be found on a new file page*setup to make this a little easier. Remember, download 0.65.0 if you are using a version of NMM that is 0.60.x or later. Download 0.52.4 if you are using version 0.52.3 of NMM.
    <br /><br />Apologies for the inconvenience caused, but it's 8 year old code now and, at some point, this was going to happen!