> Time Zones <

Here is a map so everyone can tell what time to schedule their game. (and both teams show up same time)

Pacific Time (West Coast) - 1pm
Mountain Time (Rockies) - 2pm
Central Time (Mid-West) - 3pm
Eastern Time (East Coast) - 4pm

If you can't figure it out from this ^ table & the maps below.. go back to school you are an idiot.

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The Blapature Co. Charity Bash

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  • The Blapature Co. Charity Bash

    <a href=""><img src=""></a><br><br>

    <p>The Blapature Co. Charity Bash, a 24-hour Team Fortress 2 charity livestream, kicks off this weekend! Starting on Saturday, July 28th, at 7pm CEST, join a host of personalities from the Team Fortress 2 community as they raise money for <a href="" target="_blank">Child's Play Charity</a>. Everyone who donates at least $5 will receive a special in-game medal. There are additional medal styles available for larger donations! During the stream we'll cover a large variety of gameplay types and content, including competitive TF2, custom community servers, TF2 trading and more!</p><br>

    <p>The stream will be broadcast live on the <a href="" target="_blank">Essentials.TF Twitch Channel</a>. To donate cash, visit the <a href="" target="_blank">event donation page</a>. You can also donate in-game TF2 items through <a href="" target="_blank">Scrap.TF</a>. Donating at least $5 worth of items will still earn you a medal!</p><br>