> Time Zones <

Here is a map so everyone can tell what time to schedule their game. (and both teams show up same time)

Pacific Time (West Coast) - 1pm
Mountain Time (Rockies) - 2pm
Central Time (Mid-West) - 3pm
Eastern Time (East Coast) - 4pm

If you can't figure it out from this ^ table & the maps below.. go back to school you are an idiot.

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Server Downtime & Patch Notes 3.1.2

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  • Server Downtime & Patch Notes 3.1.2

    Servers are offline being updated and will reopen as soon as complete. This is another large update of new and updated content for everyone along with many bug fixes and some network adjustments. <br><br>We have now completed a full tuning and rating of all weapons and once again, request community feedback on overall balance of the weapons. Goal was to keep the weapon class differences without creating a situation where any one weapon would command the game. Each weapon was tuned to be useful for its intended purpose and ballistics model (close combat vs long range fire fights, etc) without becoming a slave to realism. This is a video game and we want it to be fun, not frustrating. <br><br>The team will be monitoring streams, playing the game and reviewing community feedback over the coming weeks so we can identify needed changes and finalize weapons. We ask that you be constructive and clear in your feedback. We cannot do this without you, so please provide any relevant feedback you may have in detail to help us understand your thoughts!<br><br>----------------------------------------------<br><br><div class="bb_h1">New Features</div><br><b><u>News Feed:</u></b><br><br>Dynamic display of information to players via a new feed panel on the Main Menu<br>Hovering over this panel with your mouse to stop scrolling<br><br><br><b><u>Bolt Action Sniper Rifles: </u></b><br><br>3 new high damage, <b>single shot</b>, bolt-action Sniper Rifles have been added<br><br><br><b><u>Customize Weapon Limits in Servers & UCRs:</u></b><br><br>Dedicated servers and User Created Rooms can now limit weapons based on class<br>Changing loadout items in limited rooms will not alter your default armory selections which return on entering a non-filtered room<br>If you join a room with weapon filtering, you will see a notification to this affect<br>Your saved loadout is separate and will return once you join an unfiltered server/room<br><br><br><b><u>Audio Output device Change from in Game (limited to Main Menu selection):</u></b><br><br>Players can now change their default audio playback (output) device while at the Main Menu in game without needing to restart <br><br><br><div class="bb_h1">Updated Features</div><br><b><u>New and Updated Animations:</u></b><br><br>Increased speed of all J2C animations <br>Improved Wall Up & Shoulder J2C appearance<br>Corrected fluidity with Vault Over Obstacle motions<br>Enabled J2C Vault Over & Vault Level to scale with movement speed <br>Controller players will notice this the most, whereas KBM players are limited to full run/walking speeds <br>Reduced character jump velocity. Enabled J2C through Temple Windows given the reduced jump height and adjusted official maps to reinstate intended jump locations.<br>New/Improved jump animations for rifle, nowep and pistol<br>Improved Ragdoll animations so disabled "Death Animations<br>Added Fall loop and hard landing for long falls <br><br><br><b><u>Enhanced exploit prevention measures:</u></b><br><br>H-Hour's self protection and exploit detection systems have been expanded to cover more compromise methods<br>Players using tools such as "ReShade" will no longer be able to run the game, and should remove such applications<br>In the event that a legitimate application is identified as an exploit attempt, visit the SOF Studio Forums for instructions on providing the studio necessary information to address the conflict<br><br><br><b><u>Weapons Tuning:</u></b><br><br>2nd Pass on Rifles<br>1st Pass on SMGs, LMGs, and Sniper Rifles (including scope sway<br>Pistols- adjustment to one which had very low dmg rate<br>Weapon Ratings were updated across all classes<br><br><br><b><u>Updated Hostages:</u></b><br><br>Skins, Meshes, Animations<br><br><br><b><u>Updated Menus/UI/HUD:</u></b><br><br>Background images updated for all menus to new theme "world”<br>Buttons added/updated for appearance<br>Fonts resized, both messages and menu text<br>Hud elements for chatbox/compass downsized slightly based on feedback<br>Upgraded official map loading screens with additional art<br><br><br><b><u>Other:</u></b><br><br>Updated Armory Dance icons to reflect updated character models<br>Unified texture settings for HUD & In-Game icon graphics due to reported varying resolution quality of these elements<br><br><br><div class="bb_h1">Bug Fixes</div><br>027: Prioritized action tiles<br>042: Long delay after planting PMN before able to switch to another weapon<br>055: Allow Crouch stance changing in water volumes<br>058: Black Name plate in following round if player dies during round cool-down period<br>312: Players auto unmute when another player joins the server<br>471: J2C not working on SOF Temple (center of cat walk)<br>472: J2C on North Side path walls (near Double breach doors) fails to move to top (falls back to ground)<br>487: Game Menu cannot be accessed in NV, Binocular, Scope views<br>500: Increase Server Browser Ping Column Width<br>536: Hostages can get stuck on beach near the walkway (ramp) by light house<br>541: Crouch + Lean + Moving, player does not resume normal crouch movement speed when lean is released<br>549: Lean & Move while in crouch returns camera to center<br>553: Unable to shoot players in the head (or other outer extremities) while they are leaning<br>554: Last Man Standing fires twice<br>556: Holding Selection button in Weapon Wheel, automatically selects entry from sub-wheel<br>558: Fixed issue causing messages in logs related to Score Menu<br>559: Score menu remains visible if held through Match end (not related to dual HUD overlay issue which is related to spectate) <br>560: Fall Loop after vault Level animation no longer occurs <br>XXX: Left hand on Grach not in correct location <br>562: Weapon wheel will stay on screen after match end and remain into lobby of next map.<br><br><br><div class="bb_h1">Workshop Maps: </div><br><b><u>New:</u></b> <br><br>Night Stalker by Hype <br>Reaper by MikeC<br> <br><br><b><u>Updated:</u></b> <br><br>Sujo by Newybond <br>-Sunset behind SOFs <br>- A bit lighter <br>- Airstrikes added <br> <br>Kadesh by MikeC <br>- Fixed landscape LODs <br>- Decreased the overall map size by ~50% (FPS increase) <br>- Increased night brightness by ~15% (community feedback) <br>- Added ambient weather sounds <br>- New Motel Blg <br> <br>Cryptic by Harry62 <br>- Altered terrorist spawn. <br>- Added tunnel 16 in place of terrorist short tunnel. <br><br>Catacombs by Wolf <br>- Added J2c in terrorists base, dock and to some open windows <br>- Added ladder on building near SOF spawn building. <br>- Added Aurora Borealis <br>- Added birds <br>- Fixed map boundary breaks <br>- Added doors <br>- Audio adjustment (Wind) <br><br>Sub Rosa by SelflessOne <br>Light bloom fix , player feedback<br>