> Time Zones <

Here is a map so everyone can tell what time to schedule their game. (and both teams show up same time)

Pacific Time (West Coast) - 1pm
Mountain Time (Rockies) - 2pm
Central Time (Mid-West) - 3pm
Eastern Time (East Coast) - 4pm

If you can't figure it out from this ^ table & the maps below.. go back to school you are an idiot.

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H-Hour News & Patch Release 3.1.4 - We are now in Beta!

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  • H-Hour News & Patch Release 3.1.4 - We are now in Beta!

    With this patch release all content originally planned for the initial PC game release is in game. This moves H-Hour to the “Beta” stage. Our immediate focus going forward will be on polish, bugs and optimization as the team does the finishing touches for a full Steam release and starts the PS4 work. <br><br>As a community, we should all be very proud of how far we have come with H-Hour. In early 2015 funding ran out, the original developers left and this spiritual successor to SOCOM was on the chopping block. It was the commitment and talent within this community taking the risk and investing their time and money in continuing the development and support of H-Hour that brought us to this point. This is a true passion project. It required the willingness of developers from the community to work without any guarantee of compensation. It also depended on the commitment of our playing community who kept the servers seeded, reported bugs and provided constructive feedback so the team could continue to improve the game. <br><br>Now is the time for us all to get the word out, promote the game and keep the dream of a SOCOM successor on PC and PS4 alive. Let’s continue to work together to make H-Hour a success so we have a bright future with more content and improvements to come.<br><br>_____________________________________ <br> <br><div class="bb_h1">Patch Release 3.1.4</div><br><div class="bb_h1">Official Maps: </div><br><b><u>Map 6, Scorch</u></b>, first pass release for feedback (DMO mode). <br><br>This is a WIP and should not be considered final. There was some outstanding work at release time, but we decided to put it in the community’s hands for feedback on flow, potential additions/changes, etc. before we continue to evolve this map for everyone. <br><br>Includes J2C on many objects, some skill jumps, oversight positions, interior passages and lots of objects for cover.<br><br><br><br><br><div class="bb_h1">New Animations: </div><br>PMN and Claymore can now be planted in prone <br><br>Added Claymore prone plant animation <br><br>Added prone PMN mine plant animation <br><br>Additional Pistol animations created to allow for more fluid control <br><br><br><br><div class="bb_h1">Updated Content: </div><br><b><u>Networking:</u></b><br><br>Profiling of the network was done and adjustments to calls and settings made. This will require community play to confirm the game related disconnects and buffer overflow issues related to networking are fixed. <br><br>NOTE: This does not fix the disconnect caused by Discord where users have given exclusive control of their mics to that application. If you use Discord, make sure you deselect this option in Windows Sound/Recording/Microphone/Properties/Advanced "Allow application to take exclusive control of this device".<br><br><br><br><b><u>Animations: </u></b><br><br><ul class="bb_ul"><li>Changes to Jump loop to allow more fluid look<br></li><li>Jump height has been increased to allow player to jump over objects that are at intended jump height <br></li><li>Rifle down gun has been raised to allow for a readier look when not guns hot <br></li><li>Adjusted position of right elbow on all gun’s hot rifle animations <br></li><li>Left HandIK position for all bolt actions has been updated <br></li><li>Changed left hand rotation for crouch and prone bolt action anims to straighten out weapon <br></li><li>Reworked all movement blendspaces to better reflect movement at speed of animation <br></li><li>Corrected backpedal issues <br></li><li>Corrected strafe-walk issues <br></li><li>NoWep Lean movement adjusted slightly (more work will be needed) <br></li><li>Added more aggressive Rifle Melee <br></li><li>Ragdoll animation cleaned up <br></li><li>Chicken dance replaced to remove foot slide <br></li><li>New crouch plant claymore animation <br></li><li>Lean states cleaned up for all weapons (still more work to be done) <br></li><li>New Rifle_Armory_Fgt animation made and pose patched to remove weapon "snap" <br></li><li>Bomb plant and diffuse animations cleaned up <br></li><li>New bomb drop anims for crouch and stand <br></li><li>Shrunk Ukrainian character web gear to stop rifle stock clipping </li></ul><br><br><b><u>Anti-Cheat:</u></b><br><br>Work on enhancing the system to improve against false positives<br><br><br><b><u>Input Device:</u></b><br><br>Controller Sensitivity/Acceleration "In Scope" look/turn response is now properly scaled based on magnification of scope<br><br><br><b><u>Sound (Still a WIP):</u></b><br><br><ul class="bb_ul"><li>Weapon Firing sounds rework<br></li><li>Foley sounds polish/tweaks<br></li><li>Directional audio enhanced to work for a wider selection of audio drivers</li></ul><br><br><br><div class="bb_h1">Bug Fixes: </div><br>BF(490): Factory building signs are missing text <br><br>BF(557): AK5 reload sound has an extra component that does not match the animation <br><br>BF(567): C4 explosions can go through non-destructible walls/objects <br><br>BF(565): Scope movement rate is too slow with controllers <br><br>BF(563): Able to see players continue reloading animation while still shooting<br> <br>BF(569): Crosshairs too low when moving slow while in crouch <br><br>BF(570): Cannot "slow crouch" when using Dynamic Crouch Key (CTRL) <br><br>BF(571): No Foley sounds when strafing <br><br>BF(573): Bolt cycle not occurring in prone stance <br><br>BF(574): UCR hosts unable to see/pickup dropped weapons <br><br>BF(564): Quick Select options are not saved across rounds <br><br>BF(576): Web browser closes when viewing certain web pages while game is running <br><br>BF(577): When firing rapidly with shotgun, can only hear one shot at a time.<br><br>