> Time Zones <

Here is a map so everyone can tell what time to schedule their game. (and both teams show up same time)

Pacific Time (West Coast) - 1pm
Mountain Time (Rockies) - 2pm
Central Time (Mid-West) - 3pm
Eastern Time (East Coast) - 4pm

If you can't figure it out from this ^ table & the maps below.. go back to school you are an idiot.

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Patch 3.5.10 & Server Downtime

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  • Patch 3.5.10 & Server Downtime

    We are releasing a small patch this morning. Servers will be offline for a short period while we update the files on our dedicated servers.<br><br>----------------------------------------<br><br><div class="bb_h1">Patch Notes Release 3.5.10</div><br><br><div class="bb_h1">New Features:</div><br><b><u>Audio Option: On Game Focus lost </u></b><br><br>--Audio option allowing players to set game audio volume for when removing game focus in Windows (like Alt-Tab). The default value is 65%<br><br>--With this setting, the game is no longer completely silent (muted) when players change to other windows applications. Players can set the option to 0 if they wish to keep the previous behavior.<br><br><br><br><div class="bb_h1">Updated Features:</div><br><br><b><u>Player Spawn: </u></b><br><br>--Corrected an issue with Player Spawn location logic that allowed some players to spawn at opponent team locations.<br><br>--Special thanks to the players that participated on the Public Studio Test server over the weekend to help the team understand/correct this issue<br><br><br><br><div class="bb_h1">Bug Fixes</div><br><b><u>BF(717): Melee can be performed before round officially begins </u></b><br><br>--Resolved to prevent any future instances of melee on spawn should an invalid spawn event occur<br><br><br><br><b><u> BF(718): Anchor HUD widgets to corners</u></b><br><br>--Corrected an issue with some screen resolutions and HUD elements.<br><br>--Input from players using non 16:9 resolutions helped in identifying the screen placement issues for certain setups. We have updated the screen space reference for some of the HUD elements to better accommodate these various setups. This is particularly important to PS4 platform and associated displays.